Have You Eaten Your Serial Today?

Hi bloggers!

So recently I had the opportunity to listen to an investigative podcast. It was a really cool experience and I liked being able to take a different approach to a literary piece other than it being textual. Being able to listen as opposed to read and make connections all in my head was extremely fun for me. Podcasts give a different edge to your daily intake of news, comics or even entertainment all while being an absolute dream for audiophiles. Here is an article on what it means to be an audiophile. 🙂


The two fundamental pieces of equipment for a podcast entertainer; the microphone and a pair of audiophile headphones.

Honestly in my opinion the whole book versus podcast discussion is worth elaborating further since they are both so special in their own way yet have many similarities. I think that I will from now on always be on the side of podcasts simply due to the fact that my attention span is incredibly low at times and I have great difficulties with sitting down for a couple hours and diving into a novel. With podcasts I really feel as if I have the opportunity to roam around and do other things while having headphones on my ears that are constantly playing someone else’s voice, talking about a given topic. With books you really can’t multitask and that’s the ultimate deal breaker for me. Podcasts give me freedom and they let me accomplish other tasks in my day while still listening to the information being presented to me in form of audio. Plus, I love a good excuse to use my comfortable over-ear studio headphones haha.


The cover of the investigative podcast “Serial”.

Usually when thinking of a podcast, I would jump straight to talking about a sports talk show or even something in the entertainment business but the recent podcast that I listened to called “Serial” really changed the game for me. It was the first time I was presented with a criminal/investigative storyline in this specific media form and I loved every second of it. I feel as if the way it was constructed and the way Sarah Koenig, the narrator, delivered her message was truly unique and special. They added music to create a suspenseful ambiance and added different voices in the form of witnesses, friends of the convicted and even the convicted himself. This was done through specific interviews and the inclusion of tape recordings.

Normally I would see these kind of stories through a TV show or even movie documentary but I believe that now hearing it through a podcast could change the game forever. Instead of having to fully be immersed into a situation that involves sitting in front of a screen, people can get informed about these kind of stories on their daily commute for example. I see people listening to podcasts in the car on the way to work or using public transit as it would offer a good alternative to listening to music all the time. I feel like there is a lot of money to be made in that industry through advertisements in specific and all it would take for the mass public to start using podcasts more frequently is a better approach to convincing people of it’s benefits. This could be done through advertisements by radio stations or even by companies that produce audiophile equipment such as Sennheiser or Audio-Technica.


One of the biggest audiophile companies in the world from Japan and my personal favourite; Audio-Technica

While listening to “Serial” in specific, I came across a possible problem that could be associated to investigative podcasts to come in the future. Since Sarah was able to get such a deep approach to the story by talking to the convicted himself for example this could possibly cause troubles with the families of people involved regarding invasion of privacy. Invasion of privacy happens when someone’s right to be left alone is violated (FindLaw). I’m assuming of course that Sarah got the permission of everybody involved before interviewing them or talking about invasive topics but it does potentially turn controversial once the side of the victim is involved. It was interesting to note that during the entire “Serial” podcast, none of the victim’s family or friends were involved in the interviewing process or through tapes. I think that Sarah was smart in doing so since it would have stirred up further tensions between both families way after the trial concluded. The fact that Serial has become so big as a podcast probably frustrated the victim’s family quite a bit. The way I see it, the more popularity the podcast gets, the more people are starting to think in the way Sarah is presenting her ideas; which I can tell is slightly in favour of the convicted. I think that is definitely annoying for the victim’s family since their daughter is dead and now people are doubting the credibility of the entire case.

Anyways, I won’t go off on a further ramble. It’s been a pleasure analyzing and listening to Sarah Koenig’s narrated podcast “Serial”. Although I’m sure there are many people in the world that would much rather sit down and indulge in a fine novel, I know for a fact that due to my personal traits, podcasts are perfect for me… “Serial” has brought to the table a new genre of podcasts and I am sure that it will have very much success in the future with other episodes and even other cases entirely. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for investigative and criminal podcasts, I think the options are endless.

Until next time bloggers, always keep positive and motivated!

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